Convert Domino DXL to Outlook PST, PDF & MSG

  • Migrates multiple DXL messages of Lotus Notes into PST, PDF, MSG file formats
  • Conversion of DXL task, messages with rich text, saved in both HTML & plain
  • Creates UNICODE PST & save DXL emails to same or different folder
  • Installation of MS Outlook is required for the process of migration
  • Auto search and gives a preview of DXL messages with attachments

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Free version of the tool allows user to export 10 DXL emails into PST format

Features of DXL to PST Converter

convert dxl to pdf, msg, pst

Transfer DXL to PST

The DXL to Outlook PST Converter Tool allows user to export the Lotus Domino XML File (DXL) to MS Outlook PST, PDF & MSG Files making the DXL messages accessible in any version of MS Outlook application.

auto detect

Auto Search & Load Feature

The Auto Search option of the DXL to PDF Converter allow user to auto-detect the location of DXL file to avoid searching it manually and it will quickly load the DXL file and all the messages in it.

attachments preview

Preview Emails with Attachments

The Tool generates the instant preview of each Domino XML messages along with its properties like from, to, subject, size etc. It also gives preview of the attachments of the emails if there is any.

About DXL Files

The DXL (Domino XML Language) File is an XML database file associated with the Lotus Notes Domino Server. Domino is the program that runs on the server of Lotus Notes and used by different business as groupware application. The Lotus Domino Database stores data as well as schemas, design elements, views, forms etc. in the DXL file.

How to open DXL files

Use an application that supports DXL file

Install a third party tool in the system to view the DXL file and access its contents. Open the DXL file with the help of that application.

Restore the system where DXL file is created

The DXL file may sometimes be inaccessible after any changes in the system. The user can restore their system to a previous point. Backup should be taken before restoring to the previous point.

Use the updated version of the program

The DXL file may be inaccessible due to old version of the program. User can install the latest version of the program to resolve this issue.

Remove Malware or virus by scanning

Virus or Malware attacks in the system may be the reason for not being able to open the DXL file. User needs to scan the system to remove the malware.

Why DXL to PST Converter

If there are issues related to accessibility of the DXL files that is generated by IBM Lotus Notes connected with Domino server, users may want to switch from this email client to another. Conversion to MS Outlook PST file is a good option since it provides advanced and secure features than in DXL file. One solution to export the DXL file to PST, PDF, MSG files is to use a tool, DXL to PST Converter. The Tool is capable of converting multiple DXL files of Lotus Domino Server into MS Outlook PST, PDF Files keeping the original formatting of the file intact after conversion. It converts DXL messages with rich text and save them in both text formats HTML and plain. The DXL to PDF software has auto-detect option to locate the DXL file automatically from the system.

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Frequently Asked Questions About DXL to Outlook converter

Yes, the software will help in exporting the selective DXL messages from the Domino XML file and convert them to PST file format as well the tool is able to convert DXL to PDF, MSG formats.
Yes, the Converter will help you to auto-detect the location of DXL file without the need of browsing and you do not need to remember the storage location of the file.
Yes, the presence of MS Outlook in the system is required for migration process involved in the DXL to PST Converter.
Yes, the DXL to Outlook converter will help users to export any type of attachments like images, documents, etc. along with the messages and convert them to Outlook PST file.